Soda Pop: Kenobo

Soda Pop: Kenobo
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Soda Pop: Kenobo


The night of slaughter that saw the worshippers of Gomandi exiled from the rest of the Noh race has haunted Kenobo for millennia. Adrift in space, his refugee fleet dwindles with each passing generation. Their attempts to find shelter are constantly repelled by a universe that understands nothing of the religious strife that has made them outcasts and has instead grown fearful and hostile towards the entire Noh race. Forced by need, Kenobo has sold his sword to the only ones willing to take it, Calico Kate and her Star Nebula Corsairs. His services ensuring the vital food, medicine, and goods needed for his people. Whitening his skin with the sacred ash of the slain, Kenobo sees their suffering as a test of faith and will. It is a trial he is confident they will overcome. Indeed, those who have seen the preternatural feats of the warrior monk in combat cannot deny the hand of his deity guides him still.

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