Soda Pop: Fiametta, Acolyte of the Flame

Soda Pop: Fiametta, Acolyte of the Flame
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Soda Pop: Fiametta, Acolyte of the Flame

Fiametta, Acolyte of the Flame

Few would dispute that Fiametta possesses a mastery of fire matched only by the most learned sages of the Arcantric Doctrine. Those who have are now little more than ash scattered on the wind. Displaying her affinity with primal aethyr at an early age, Fiametta proved a quick study and rapidly grew bored of the Codifiers’ dry and dusty lectures on the many doctrines to manipulate and channel aethyr. After the incineration of the 18th Doctrine’s hall of records and the singeing of Codifier Longfellow’s beard; the Codifiers recognized the futility of quelling Fiametta’s fervor. Instead they assigned her to the Relic Knight, Kisa, where her penchant for pyrotechnics has proven useful to the Doctrine's champion. Fiametta’s name and reputation have become known throughout the galaxy as she brings flame and ruin to any bold enough to stand in her way.

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