Soda Pop: Calico Cate & Skully

Soda Pop: Calico Cate & Skully
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Soda Pop: Calico Cate & Skully

Calico Cate & Skully

Calico Kate is the most successful pirate to ever ply space. Striking from her base deep within the Star Nebula her band of corsairs are the scourge of the Guild and a ceaseless source of frustration for the paladin orders of the Six Peers. Swarming her targets with hordes of lightning fast ships bristling with weapons, she audaciously strikes at fleets far larger than her own. Favoring rapid assaults the swift fliers focus on hull breaches allowing Kate and her relic to lead destructive assault actions. She has become infamous for her tendency to take a ship’s crew hostage and then blow up their vessel. With the assistance of her cypher, Skully, she often augments the explosions in spectacular fashion to emphasize her ransom demands. Her most notorious pyrotechnics burn as bright as a small sun, a blazing challenge to any who would dare oppose her.

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