Soda Pop: Sebastian Cross and Rook Box

Soda Pop: Sebastian Cross and Rook Box
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Soda Pop: Sebastian Cross and Rook Box
Sebastian Cross and Rook Box
A warrior of fierce passion, determination, and faith Sebastian Cross has steadfastly served the paladin Order of the Shattered Sword his entire life. Valuing the preservation of innocent life above all else he has stood as a bulwark against seemingly impossible odds countless times. The manifestation of his cypher Rook gifted him not only with his formidable relic but the enigmatic being also led him to the lost resting place of the founding weapon of his order, The Shattered Sword. Thus girded he has become the living embodiment of the paladins' sacred promise. His tenacity and success speak for themselves as his order oversees what is now widely considered one of the safest sectors of space.

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