Soda Pop: Rin Farrah

Soda Pop: Rin Farrah
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Soda Pop: Rin Farrah
Rin Farrah

The Cerci Speed Circuit is no mere raceway. It is an entire planet given wholly to the adrenaline rush of speed. The outcome of premier events such as Cerci Prime have caused the loss of entire corporations and left governments in ruin. Such high stakes require strict measures to control “audience participation”. Crowd control is turned over to highly trained snipers known as, Spotters. Working from strategically positioned towers and hovering platforms, Spotters are given carte blanche to deal with hooligans or race fixers. Rin Farrah is infamous for her knack to predict the location of trouble. Her rifle, Rudy, has foiled elaborate plots to influence the outcome of a race with a single shot. Even the reigning champion of the Cerci Prime, Princess Malya of Ulixus, credits her last two victories to Rin’s timely interventions. The pair have since become fast friends and the Relic Knight rarely enters battle without Rin’s deadly aim providing cover.

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