Soda Pop: Princess Malya & Mr Tomn

Soda Pop: Princess Malya & Mr Tomn
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Soda Pop: Princess Malya & Mr Tomn

Princess Malya & Mr Tomn

Heir to the throne of Ulixus, Princess Malya never found the life of an Alliance dignitary particularly appealing. The manifesting of her cypher, Mr Tomn, afforded her just the opportunity she had been looking for to set out for a life of adventure among the stars. She soon discovered that the universe was not the romantic storybook she had long dreamed of as she found herself unwittingly pulled into conflict after conflict with her fellow Relic Knights. Unable to get the answers she desires from an uncommonly cryptic Mr Tomn she has set out across the galaxy to unlock the mystery of the aethyric creatures known as cyphers, relentlessly following a trail of fallen heroes and cryptic prophesy. Over the years she has left behind an impressive array of enemies, admirers, and love-struck would be suitors; her relic’s speedy thrusters always keeping her just beyond the horizon.

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