Soda Pop: Candy & Cola

Soda Pop: Candy & Cola
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Soda Pop: Candy & Cola

Candy & Cola

Stuck in a rut as a flag girl for the Cerci Speed Circuit it seemed like poor Candy was doomed to drink diet forever. Until one night she caught a strange little creature pillaging her refrigerator. As the little fox-tailed felon happily popped the top off the last soda in her apartment and guzzled it down Candy oddly felt the effects. It was as though she were drinking the soda and its caffeinated sugary effects were amplified off the charts! Thus would begin a friendship that would take Candy and her cypher, Cola, out of the speed circuit and across the known galaxies in search of the ultimate in carbonated beverages. Until finally landing here, at Soda Pop Miniatures, where the beverages are always cold, bubbly, and most important of all -- refreshing.

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