Legend of the Five Rings Siege: Clan War

Siege: Clan War
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Reihe: Legend of the Five Rings
Siege: Clan War

Siege: Clan War is the latest expansion for the fan favorite Legend of the Five Rings. Siege: Clan War takes us back in time to the era of the Great Clan War! The Black Scrolls are being opened and soon Fu Leng shall be released on the Empire. Come together with other players to defeat a dark god. During this time of political treachery and military honor you are called to lead the Siege on the Throne Room and vanquish Fu Leng if your army has the capability to overcome the physical and mental challenges that lay ahead of you. •Multiplayer format, pitting 3+ players against one. •New way to discover Rokugan and the world of Legend of the Five Rings. •Relive the defining era in the history of the game as part of the celebration of 20 years of L5R. •Fantastic art from fan favorite artists such as Jason Behnke, Sergio Camarena, Charles Urbach, Mario Wibisono and more! Contents •3 constructed decks for the assailants. •1 Siege deck for the defender of the Throne Room. •6 Territory cards and 12 Clock cards setting the stage for the siege. •Full color rules and story booklet.

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