Shadowrun 4: Hunt Black Lodge(Malevolent Ends 1)

Shadowrun 4: Hunt Black Lodge(Malevolent Ends 1)
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Shadowrun 4: Hunt Black Lodge(Malevolent Ends 1)

Requires Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition; this book is the first in the Malevolent Ends series of adventures, which entwines players in the clandestine plotting and conspiracies of the secretive groups filling the Sixth World’s shadows.

• Offers more information on conspiracies discussed in the Conspiracy Theories sourcebook while providing the complete adventure materials gamemasters need.

• Puts player characters on the trail of one of the most shadowy—and most powerful—secret organizations in the Sixth World, the Black Lodge, and gives them the chance to uncover secrets that many people have been working for a long time to keep silent.

• Details a conspiracy that involves magic, politicians, ancient artifacts, ritual magic, and dark secrets.

• Launches a new line of adventures providing ways for gamemasters to drop players in the middle of dark conspiracies. These adventures can be played individually or as a sequence.

• Provides plot information, NPC statistics, player handouts, and everything else gamemasters need to run this game.

• Shows how high-level conspiracies play out on the streets and suck shadowrunners into their orbit.

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