Shadowrun 4: Anarchy Subsidized (Horizon 2)

Shadowrun 4: Anarchy Subsidized (Horizon 2)
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Shadowrun 4: Anarchy Subsidized (Horizon 2)

Anarchy Subsidized (Horizon 2)
Continues a plot strand that will culminate in a campaign book that reveals more about the Horizon Corporation than has ever been shown before.

Involves players in the seedier side of the entertainment industry, as they are recruited in an ever-escalating effort to destroy the reputation of a rising music star.

Brings the players to the energetic, dangerous, corporate driven city of Neo-Tokyo and involves them with a cross-section of residents, from gangs to corporate executives.

Builds on some Sixth World music trends covered in Attitude.
Can be played alone or as the continuation to the Horizon series, which will have ramifications in the ongoing Shadowrun plotline.

Provides complete non-player character statistics, player handouts, and all other information needed to let players dive into the adventure immediately.

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