RuneQuest: Spellbook

RuneQuest:  Spellbook
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RuneQuest:  Spellbook

Magic is so integral to fantasy gaming that it was only a matter of  time before an entire tome was dedicated toward magical spells in RuneQuest.

This is that tome.

RuneQuest: Spellbook is a gateway to hundreds of new magical spells and abilities for characters and monsters throughout the RuneQuest game settings.

New and old players alike will find the information within these covers useful to their magically inclined characters, from Sorcery and Divine Magic to the classic Rune Magic .

New methods of magic previously unknown to our readers are unveiled, along with some never before seen magical practices.

Quite simply, the RuneQuest:

Spellbook is the most important tome for every magic user in the worlds of RuneQuest.

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