RuneQuest: Pirates

RuneQuest: Pirates
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RuneQuest: Pirates

A Pyrate is Hostis humanis generis, a common Enemy, with whom neither Faith nor Oath is to be kept…

 if Pyracy be committed on the Ocean, and the Pyrates in the attempt be overcome, the Captors may, without any Solemnity of Condemnation, hang them up at the Main-Yard;

 if they are brought to the next Port, & the Judge rejects the Tryal, or the Captors cannot wait for the Judge, without Peril or Loss, Justice may be done upon them by the Captors.’

RuneQuest Pirates brings the golden age of piracy to life!

Lay hand to your cutlass and stick your pistols in your belt, friend – adventure’s waiting for you offshore.

Band together with other scurvy dogs and take command of a ship and a crew.

Lead them to victory and plunder, or to a watery grave!

Win fame and fortune, or dangle at the end of the yardarm when the Navy catches you!

The shining blue waters of the Caribbean lie before you, and the wind is in your sails. What you do next is up to you!

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