RuneQuest: Glorantha Player's Guide to Glorantha

RuneQuest: Glorantha Player's Guide to Glorantha
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RuneQuest: Glorantha Player's Guide to Glorantha

There is not another world in existence quite like Glorantha.

With its rich background, varying levels of fantastic and realistic mixed liberally with heroism and villainy; there is no true way to explain it all in one sitting. It could take a longstanding fan several days to describe it all to a newly blossoming player.

The Player’s Guide to Glorantha is the essential reference sourcebook, designed to help readers become more familiar with Glorantha and all of its wonders.

This book is a handy guide for both new and seasoned players looking to progress beyond the races, cultures and plot hooks that we unveiled with earlier Glorantha products – introducing several new ways to enjoy both RuneQuest and Gloranthan Second Age setting, including everything you will need to know about Folk Magic.

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