RuneQuest: Coming Storm

RuneQuest: Coming Storm
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RuneQuest: Coming Storm

The Coming Storm is the first volume of a two volume epic campaign for HeroQuest Glorantha set during the opening stages of the Hero Wars and leading up to the Liberation of Sartar. It is a complete setting book, detailing clans, tribes, and personalities. Sartarites, Lunars, Werewolves, and much more! The Coming Storm is written for HeroQuest Glorantha, the roleplaying game system written by award-winning Diana Jones winners Robin D. Laws and Jeff Richard for mythic adventures in the fantasy setting of Glorantha.

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The Eleven Lights is a complete Gloranthan campaign, set in Sartar, in Dragon Pass, that takes the PCs as members of the Red Cow clan from the Occupation in 1618 through to the Liberation from the Lunar Empire in 1625. The Eleven Lights has complete outlines for events in Dragon Pass and the Red Cow clan for each year twenty complete adventures and many more outlines. It is a companion to The Coming Storm which details the Red Cow clan and their neighbors, and is intended for use with this product.

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