RuneQuest: Arms & Equipment

RuneQuest: Arms & Equipment
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RuneQuest: Arms & Equipment

RuneQuest Arms & Equipment is a collection of new and interesting gear for Games Masters to include in their games.

This equipment is designed to be used in any RuneQuest setting.

There is a wide variety of new weapons including the vicious stavesword and the deadly garrotte, and new types of armour such as dwarfen cinder and serpentmail, giving Players a multitude of options when kitting out their character. In addition there is a host of new general items, land-based vehicles with an extended system for their use in combat and even a collection of mounts and steeds.

This book includes:

Questing Gear & Basics – Assorted gear that any RuneQuest character might find useful.

Weaponry & Armour – Items for inflicting and protecting against damage from all over creation.

Transports & Buildings – Vehicles and the rules to use them in RuneQuest combat, along with details on buildings of all kinds.

Beasts & Cohorts – The cost and rules to buy and train living assets, from attack dogs to weaponsmiths.

The Rare & Wondrous – Items that use magic or technology, including full details on an array of black powder weapons.

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