Hawkmoon: Castle Brass

Hawkmoon: Castle Brass
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Hawkmoon: Castle Brass

A guide to Count Brass’ domain, the Kamarg, Castle Brass is an essential sourcebook for all Hawkmoon Players, an in-depth guide to the successful navigation of this potentially treacherous landscape.

Not only will you learn the secrets of the Kamarg itself, you will learn the deep, dark secrets that fester in each of its towns. You will gain an understanding of its residents, along with their own eccentric secrets, intricate enterprises and convenient friendships. Unlock the doors of Castle Brass and familiarise yourself with its twists and turns, its hidden rooms and forgotten laboratories.

Castle Brass is an excellent source of knowledge about the Kamarg, but is also an essential tool for Games Masters wishing to create their own scenarios. So enter this distant marshland and search out the veritable treasures it holds.

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