Mausritter RPG Boxed Set

Mausritter RPG Boxed Set
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Mausritter RPG Boxed Set

The new Box Set is a reprint of the first-edition Mausritter Box Set with an entirely new cover design. Inside you’ll find the updated rulebook, a GM screen, the Honey in the Rafters adventure site, a set of inventory cards with dry-erase marker, and a pad of character sheets.

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Mausritter RPG The Estate Adventure Box

Mausritter RPG The Estate Adventure Box

The collection contains ten (!) adventure sites, each by a different author & illustrator. Each adventure site highlights the distinctive style of its author, while fitting into a cohesive whole. The adventure sites can all be run as part of a campaign set around The Estate, introduced into your own setting, or run as a one-shot.

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Mausritter RPG Core Book Hardcover

Mausritter RPG Core Book Hardcover

Take up the sword and don the whiskers of a brave mouse adventurer in Mausritter, the rules-light fantasy adventure role-playing game.

It's a huge and dangerous world out there, and it does not look kindly on a small mouse. But if you are very brave and very clever and just a bit lucky, you might survive. And if you survive long enough, you might even become a hero amongst mice.

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