Mutant: Year Zero Zone Compendium 5 - Hotel Imperator

Zone Compendium 5 - Hotel Imperator
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Reihe: Mutant: Year Zero
Zone Compendium 5 - Hotel Imperator

In the dimly lit room, serious-looking men and women sit around a long table. At the short end, a man with long silvery hair and wearing a black suit presides over the meeting. His left eye lacks both iris and pupil, the white of it tinged by an unnatural icy blue. An old machine on the table projects a photo of a scrap village on the wall. The door to the room opens. Two people enter, cloaked in shadows.

“Number 2 and Number 3, report,” the white-haired man demands.

“Thank you, Number 1,” one of the newcomers responds. “We have much to do.”

This Zone Compendium for Mutant: Year Zero includes four exciting Special Zone Sectors:

Hotel Imperator: The mysterious Brain Ring has established its headquarters in an ancient hotel. What are the psionics’ nefarious plans?
The Long Road: A nomadic tribe of mutants travel through the Zone. What can the player characters learn from them?
The Zone Fair: A robot has reopened an ancient amusement park in the Zone. What dirty secrets do its visitors bring with them?
The Great Zone Walker: A colossal machine is rumbling through the Zone. Who controls it, and where is it going?

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