Mage the Awakening: The Secrets of the Ruined Temple

Mage the Awakening:  The Secrets of the Ruined Temple
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Mage the Awakening:  The Secrets of the Ruined Temple

Some things are best left forgotten. But why should that hold us back? The ancients hoarded their magic and sealed it in secret redoubts, hidden from Sleepers and the debased spells of our age. The lords of these storehouses are long gone, but their enchantments remain, enigmas to confound us, their heirs in magic. In some of these places, the guardians charged with their protection still wait, ready to destroy interlopers.

But I have a man, and I know certain secrets. Are you with me? - Athos, Mysterium explorer This book includes: * the legends of Atlantis throughout the ages, including many forgotten versions of the myth of the Awakened City * Temple guardians, enchanted items, and all manner of creatures found near Atlantean ruins * The secret Atlantean "temples" of Astral Space

128 pages, hardcover

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