Vorkosigan Saga Gurps 4th RPG

Vorkosigan Saga Gurps 4th RPG
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Vorkosigan Saga Gurps 4th RPG

From the award-winning science fiction stories of Lois McMaster Bujold comes The Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game . . . set in a future universe of honor and betrayal, war and intrigue, great victories and great defeats. Miles Vorkosigan is brilliant, charismatic, the heir to a noble house on a warrior planet . . . and hopelessly crippled. No. Not hopelessly. A Vorkosigan never gives up. And when the fragile, dwarfed, odd-looking Miles charges headlong against the universe . . . Miles may break, but he’ll pay that price, for his Emperor’s honor and his own. He’s used to breaking. And when Miles hits it hard enough, the universe gives way. Now gamers can enter the world of Miles Vorkosigan in this official adaptation of his universe! This book uses the GURPS system, but it’s a stand-alone product.

It includes GURPS Lite and separate sections on spaceship design and spaceship combat. Tell the Players • The official roleplaying guide to the Vorkosigan universe. • Great art by Bob Stevlic, approved by Bujold herself. This is officially the way the characters look. • Includes complete ship design and combat rules.

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