Fate of the Norns Ragnarok - The Children of Eriu (Softcover)

Fate of the Norns Ragnarok - The Children of Eriu (Softcover)
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Fate of the Norns Ragnarok - The Children of Eriu (Softcover)

do not see a world of the living,
Summer will be without flowers,
Cows will be without milk,
Women without modesty,
Men without valour,
Conquests without a king.

- - Cath Maige Tuired (The Battle of Moytura)

Welcome to the Children of Eriu, a Celtic RPG game set in the Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok universe.

This book is all you need for your adventures in 10th century mythic Ireland. It is a time of strife, as Vikings conquer the land. The White God has driven out the Tuatha Dé Danann, to slumber in the Otherworld. As the Celtic Twilight approaches though, the old gods awaken, looking to return to the Children of Eriu.

The Children of Eriu is built with the revolutionary Runic Game System, and players will use Elder Futhark runes during play. The book is a complete RPG that contains many archetype choices for the players, and everything needed for the game master in order to run adventures in a time when myths suffuse the land.

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