The Spy Game Mission Booklet 1: Deadly Data

The Spy Game Mission Booklet 1: Deadly Data
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The Spy Game Mission Booklet 1: Deadly Data

Race to a lost agent holding the key the survival of the agency...

The wind roars through your shattered windshield as the tires of your smashed car scream, smearing a layer of scalding hot rubber across the blistering asphalt. People dive to safety just as one of the outriders swerves into the passenger side door, causing your vehicle to spew a geyser of electric yellow sparks as your driver side grinds against a concrete wall. Your foot smashes the pedal and a quick swerve gives you back control of the road. The speedometer passes 90 mph and the engine snarls as you gain the lead, your team laying down cover fire while you accelerate towards the helipad 80 feet away.

The helicopter’s engine is already running. The target’s on the move. You have seconds to react or they’ll be out of reach forever...

This standalone 24-page adventure for The Spy Game Roleplaying Game, is based on the world's most popular Roleplaying game.
It includes three acts of fast-paced spy action is by experienced GMs Eric Campbell and Sam Webb, perfect for four to six 4th-5th level characters.
Includes helpful stand alone maps for Deadly Data and Fuelish Endeavour for ease of use.

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