Dresden Files Accelerated Edition

Dresden Files Accelerated Edition
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Dresden Files Accelerated Edition

Leap right into the Dresdenverse! Welcome to Dresden Files Accelerated Edition, a pared-down, pick-up-and-play RPG set in the world of Jim Butcher’s NYT bestselling novel series. Take a jaunt through the Nevernever, stand up to the Black Court, and sit down for a pint at Mac’s. This book contains all you need to make it happen. In this book, Ivy the Archive will walk you through everything you need to know to get your game running, including: An introduction to the major supernatural players in the Dresdenverse and the places you might meet them. A new mantle system that speeds up character creation and gets you into the game faster. Faction-based campaign creation that creates immediate drama and action for your group. Easy-to-learn Fate Accelerated-style gameplay, with a few clever Dresdenverse tweaks. A scale system to support interacting with and playing at various power levels. Dresden Files Accelerated. Fun. Fast. Fuego.

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