Conan RPG: The Shadow of the Sorcerer

Conan RPG: The Shadow of the Sorcerer
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Conan RPG: The Shadow of the Sorcerer

GO BEYOND THE VEIL OF DEATH!  “Mystery and terror are about us, Conan, and we glide into the realm of horror and death,” she said. “Are you afraid?”  Ready your blades and prepare to face evil! Travel beyond the veil of life and into worlds beyond!   The Shadow of the Sorcerer is an epic campaign for Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, sending the player characters from the backstreets of Messantia in Argos to a remote island in the Western Sea, then to the wastelands of Stygia, as they seek to prevent a diabolic ritual from bringing forth an ancient evil. In this grand adventure they must use every scrap of strength, talent, and cunning they possess as they are pitted against a merciless array of sorcerous, monstrous, and mortal foes!  If they fail, a great and powerful foe will become unstoppable, unleashing an era of horror upon the world unlike anything it has ever known!  This 216 page hardcover book requires the Robert E Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of corebook to use.  Suitable for a group of two-to-six player characters, either at the beginning of their heroic careers or battle-hardened veterans.  Guidance for playing with Conan and his allies as the player characters!  Descriptions of the cities of Messantia, Asgalun, and Zabhela, and the Stygian Valley of Set!  A journey through the Acheronian afterworld in the Halls of Judgement, where souls are weighed to determine their ultimate fate!  A gigantic cast of non-player characters and new monsters! Stunning art and maps, produced by renowned Conan artists!

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