Warzone Resurrection 2.0 Core Protocols

Warzone Resurrection 2.0 Core Protocols
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Warzone Resurrection 2.0 Core Protocols
Essential rules for main game and every faction in compressed form in handy A5 book format.Those are Core Protocols - all what's new in Warzone 2.0 regarding gameplay. With all of the art and background stories removed.compact A5 format 200 pages Wargaming friendly. Warzone: Ressurection takes place in the Mutant Chronicles universe - a dystopian future in which Earth, or Eden as it is known, is little more than a husk of the world we know today. The various nations of old Eden are no more, subsumed into the Megacorporations - planet-spanning capitalist empires who care more about money than the common man. Each of these Megacorporations has a rich backstory and strong heritage inspired by the nations that founded them: the industrious Bauhaus; the noble Imperial; the honourable Mishima; the logical Capitol; and the enigmatic Cybertronic. These Megacorporations are spread across the worlds of the inner solar system embroiled in the Second Corporate Wars. Across the Sun-baked plains of Murcury, through the sweltering jungles of Venus and over the rust-red dune of the Martian deserts players lead their factions in the defence of their territories; protecting the investments of their Corporation against their rivals. But there is a darker a far more insidious threat that just your rival corporations... The first explorers travelled too far in the name of greed, venturing far beyond our solar system and finding Nero - the 10th planet. On this barren rock they awoke a power from the darkness beyond our universe - the Dark Legion. Creatures akin to demons, taller and stronger than men able to manipulate the world around them using their mystic powers of Dark Symmetry; using this evil to reanimate the dead and twist the living into their foul servants. Standing as the bulwark of humanity are the Brotherhood; men and women devoted to the spiritual teachings of the First Cardinal. The Brotherhood wield the Art of Light, a mystic power the antithesis of Dark Symmetry. They stand sentinel over humanity, desperately trying to unite the feuding Corporations against the threat of the Dark Legion. Fight for wealth and for power! Fight to protect you corporation! Fight to save humanity, or fight to it! Take up arms, and join the war! So grab your Gehenna Puker, shine your shoulderpads and welcome to Warzone!

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