Test of Honour Dice & Cards Expansion Set

Dice & Cards Expansion Set
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Dice & Cards Expansion Set
This set as it might be easy to overlook among all the exciting models, but it’s well worth a mention. Extra dice are obviously useful, but the coolest bit is the 10 unique cards included:

•2 extra Dishonour cards – Public Disgrace and Private Shame – these make it possible that the result of your dishonourable actions could be much worse or not so bad!

•1 new Injury card – Lingering Wound – means you start the next battle in a bad way!

•4 new skills – including Red Mist – which makes you more awesome once wounded – and Vengeance – which kicks in if a friendly samurai is cut down!

•3 new Quests – including Appalling Luck (written in honour of Andy’s terrible dice rolling!).

All these new cards should be shuffled into the relevant decks from the main game.

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