Kings of War: Battleset - Mhorgoth's Revenge

Kings of War: Battleset - Mhorgoth's Revenge
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Kings of War: Battleset - Mhorgoth's Revenge

There is nothing as evocative as two fantasy armies battling each other on the tabletop and this monstrous Battleset contains everything you need to build and play your own Fantasy Battles, all at an exceptional price.

Included in this box are 2 complete and fully plastic Undead and Dwarf armies totalling over 100 miniatures. Some of our very best plastic kits are present, from the Dwarf Ironclads to the stunning new Zombie models, this set really does contain hordes of great quality miniatures from both the Undead and Dwarf range.

Within this Battleset you get everything you need to start playing some truly epic tabletop wargames. Inside:

Over 100 Fantastic Figures

An elegant, innovative Rules-set

Dice and everything you need to play

Once you have got your models built and painted it's time to start gaming, the rule-set has been written by the world-famous Alessio Cavatore, and have been designed so you can start playing games immediately.

This set includes:

King of War Ruleset


25 Dwarf Ironclad Warriors including Command

20 Ironwatch

1 Ironbelcher with crew

20 Skeletons including Command

10 Revenants

10 Ghouls

15 Zombies

1 Balefire Catapult with crew

Undead and Dwarf Poster Guides

Undead Sticker Sheets

3 Mantic Points

20mm bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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