DreadBall 2nd Edition Boxed Game

DreadBall 2nd Edition Boxed Game
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DreadBall 2nd Edition Boxed Game
This box has everything you need to start playing the galaxy's greatest sports game! You'll get two fully assembled teams, with their respective captains, plus all of the dice, cards, rules and counters needed for play. This set contains: Double-Sided Gaming Board 2nd Edition Starter Rulebook Quick Start Guide 12 Plastic Yndij Players - the Ninth Moon Tree Sharks Plastic Yndij Captain - Na'Hautl 12 Plastic Neo-Bot Players - the Draconis All-Stars Plastic Neo-Bot Captain - Romeo Blue Plastic Refbot Plastic Rush Tracker and Trophy Score Tracker Clear Plastic Hex Bases 4 DreadBalls 54 DreadBall Game Cards 2 Team Cards 2 Captain Stat Cards 20 Captain Cards 11 Plastic Counters 18 Coloured Dice Miniatures supplied assembled and unpainted. Please note the rulebook in this set does not contain the rules for teams released in the original game.

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