Bolt Action German Grenadiers Starter Army

German Grenadiers Starter Army
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German Grenadiers Starter Army
This box set provides you with everything you need to start a Grenadier-themed German army (be it Heer or Waffen-SS), or it would make a sizeable addition to an existing force.
We’ve based the box content around a recommended 1,250pt army list – there was just too much stuff for our usual 1,000 points!
And of course you don’t have to stick to our army list – you can equip the miniatures however you like – the German Grenadier sprues are hugely flexible, with heaps of potential options – including the likes of STG44 assault rifles, PPSh SMGs, Kar 98K rifles, MG42 light machine guns, rifle grenade attachments, MP40 sub-machine guns, Kar 98K rifles, Gewehr 43 rifles, stick grenades, and Panzerfausts.

This boxed set contains;
  • 6 plastic German Grenadier Sprues
  • German Heer 81mm Mortar Team
  • German Heer MG42 Team
  • German Heer Pak 40 Anti-tank Gun with Crew
  • Plastic Puma kit
  • Plastic Stug III G/StuH42 kit

Please note that the 6 sprues of German Grenadiers contain enough components to make 36 models - so you will have 3 extra men - perhaps to create a FOO, Medic, or other additional units to further bolster your force.

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