The Boromites are bio-adapted for asteroid mining. Their hardiness makes them highly valued mercenary fighters and they uniquely make use of weapons developed from mining tools including mass compactors and frag borers.

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Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromite Hatchling Swarms
Boromite Hatchling Swarms
Lavan species abound within Boromite enclaves, kept, bred, and made use of as part of mining operations and to some extent simply as pets. Lavan creatures are fitted with technological implants that allow the Boromites to monitor them and control them to a degree...
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Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromite Overseer Team
Boromite Overseer Team

As humanity spread rampant across all of Antarean space, colonies arose upon a vast variety of worlds - each uniquely dissimilar to Earth. Over generations, these isolated populations evolved to suit their situation - breathing alien atmospheres, enduring unimaginable pressures and gravities. In many cases, these evolutionary advancements were artificially accelerated by geneticists  - giving a vast array of types, sizes, shapes, and colours of humans across Antarean space...

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Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromite Gang Fighters
Boromite Gang Fighters

This set contains one Gang leader armed with Mag Pistol and Tractor Maul, and 6 Gangers toting long-ranged Mag Guns. All are clad in Reflex Armour - an energy field suspended from metalised hard points located on the wearer’s armour or clothing. In the case of Boromites, these hard points take the form of separate multifunctional nanite receptor nodes fastened directly into the tough, horny skin of the individual concerned.

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Beyond the Gates of Antares Boromite team with Heavy Frag Borer
Boromite team with Heavy Frag Borer

The Boromites are amongst the mostly heavily mutated of all human morphs in Antarean Space, with skin that is thick and scaly, broad, powerful bodies, and an almost inhuman physical strength. Their ancestors were genetically engineered in eons past to undertake the arduous roles of asteroid mining and magma extraction upon hostile, alien worlds. Since then they have spread throughout Antarean space, an itinerant and insular people, homeless wanderers and outsiders, with little liking for the weaker, softer humans they live alongside. They prefer to keep to themselves. Their rival Labour Guilds are secretive and even sinister organisations that continue to operate unseen, even within the bosom of advanced societies such as the Concord and Isorian Shard.

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