Warmachine/Hordes No Quarter Prime #6

No Quarter Prime #6
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Art.Nr.: 68321
Reihe: Warmachine/Hordes
No Quarter Prime #6

The new issue of No Quarter Prime hits store, this one a treatise on the Crucible Guard:

· Explore the Crucible Guard, the militant wing of the Order of the Golden Crucible. Learn about its military structure and organization, as well as its history and weapons of war.
· Lead the Crucible Guard to battlefield glory with two new theme forces and a guide to using the army in Company of Iron.
· Plus, enter the headquarters of the Crucible Guard in Hostile Territory, see all the new model rules in After Action Report, enjoy a pile of new scenarios, and even race your Crucible Guard Rocketeers in Rocket Racing. All this plus the latest “The Fire & the Forge” article concluding the events of WARMACHINE: Escalation, and a new installment of Strangelight Workshop Iron Kingdoms RPG content!

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