HeroClix Lord of the Rings Starter

HeroClix Lord of the Rings Starter
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HeroClix Lord of the Rings Starter

The battle of Middle-Earth continues with your favorite heroes and villains in the Lord of The Rings Starter!

Featuring 3 figures EXCLUSIVELY FOUND in the Starter and 5 other figures COMPLETELY REDIALED from the base set!

The Starter also boasts Campaign Rules, which lets you recreate the battles of Middle Earth over multiple maps and sessions.

Included in the packaging are 6 Lord of The Rings maps, 48 Horde tokens, 1 2011 Official Rulebook, and 1 set of themed dice forged from the depths of Mount Doom.

The Starter set is a perfect way for New HeroClix players to learn the ropes of the HeroClix realm as it provides everything you need to start a game with your friends!

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