Warfighter WWII - Expansion #05 Ammo Box

Warfighter WWII - Expansion #05 Ammo Box
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Warfighter WWII - Expansion #05 Ammo Box
The Ammo Box provides you with the massive storage capacity you need to store you Warfighter WWII gear. The Ammo Box has 3 huge card holding areas, as well as a large storage area above the cards to accommodate the core game's Rule Book and Mounted Tactical Display, It even has space for a Counter Tray. Ammo Box Contents: 112 Full Color Cards New Service Record Cards 30 Plastic Card Dividers 3 Huge Card Bays The Box is slightly damaged, one corner of the top ist torn. All other Content is undamaged and packed as sold by manufacturer, even the box itself is still sealed.

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