Munchkin Marvel Edition

Munchkin Marvel Edition
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Munchkin Marvel Edition

Unleash Your Superpowers with MUNCHKIN® Marvel Edition.

Munchkin Marvel Edition, an all-new Munchkin game that fuses the classic card game fun of monster-slaying and role-playing with the most iconic characters from the Marvel universe.  Created under license from Steve Jackson Games and in conjunction with Marvel, Munchkin Marvel Edition comes complete with new monsters (villains), allies (heroes) and custom S.H.I.E.L.D. Identification Cards, and is the perfect gift for Munchkin fans who are ready for an epic Marvel battl

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MUNCHKIN Marvel 2: Mystic Mayhem

MUNCHKIN Marvel 2: Mystic Mayhem

Add a new level of mayhem and madness to MUNCHKIN®: Marvel Edition with MUNCHKIN® Marvel 2: Mystic Mayhem! Journey into mystery and join up with Doctor Strange and The Defenders as you fight villains like the evil Baron Mordo and the Dread Dormammu. Powerful new threats and allies are introduced with all new Doors and Treasures as well as 12 oversized Dungeon cards.

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MUNCHKIN Marvel 3: Cosmic Chaos

MUNCHKIN Marvel 3: Cosmic Chaos

This cosmic-themed expansion to the Marvel Edition of Munchkin allows players to team up with Star-Lord and The Guardians of the Galaxy and take down some of the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Universe including The Beyonder and Thanos. New Portals transport players to far-flung Dungeon locales like Xandar and Knowhere. 90 new Door and Treasures as well as 12 new Dungeons can be added to Munchkin: Marvel Edition for out-of-this-world new adventures.

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Munchkin: X-Men Edition-  Deadpool  Just Deadpool

Munchkin: X-Men Edition- Deadpool Just Deadpool

The Munchkin Deadpool – Just Deadpool expansion adds katanas, kittens, explosions and a lot more to the Munchkin: X-Men Edition. With 35 more cards, Marvel’s anti-hero comes to life as he joins the monster-slaying, treasure grabbing and role-playing action of Munchkin, the card game.

11,99 €¤ (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)

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