Ashes: The Spirits of Memoria Expansion

Ashes: The Spirits of Memoria Expansion
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Ashes: The Spirits of Memoria Expansion

From the silent catacombs of Memoria, the City of Spirits, comes Sembali Grimtongue. Sworn to defend the graves of those lost in the fight against the chimera, Sembali is gifted with divine magic capable of dissolving the servants of her enemies. Sembali’s illusory assassins hide in the shadows and strike out against those who would desecrate the graves of Memoria. Command an all-new Phoenixborn with powerful spells and skilled allies, and call upon divine and illusion magic to drive back the enemies of Memoria.

  • A ready to play deck for Ashes using divine and illusion dice
  • Contains an all new Phoenixborn and 30 new cards for customization
  • Abolish your opponent’s conjurations and defend the spirits of Memoria

Set Contents:

    • 1 - Sembali Grimtongue Phoenixborn
    • 3 - Veil of Reversal Reaction Spell
    • 3 - Law of Banishment Ready Spell
    • 3 - Gates Thrown Open Ready Spell
    • 3 - Summon Admonisher Ready Spell
    • 3 - Summon Spectral Assassin Action Spell
    • 3 - Angelic Rescue Reaction Spell
    • 3 - Chained Creations Ready Spell
    • 3 - Shepherd of Lost Souls Ally
    • 3 - Shadow Guard Ally
    • 3 - Celestial Knight Ally
    • 3 - Angel’s Embrace Conjured Alteration Spell
    • 3 - Spectral Assassin Conjuration
    • 3 - Admonisher Conjuration

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