Ashes: The Path of Assassins Expansion

Ashes: The Path of Assassins Expansion
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Ashes: The Path of Assassins Expansion
Albyon marches to war, and Jericho leads the way. She is the Queen of Assassins, trained to kill any who stand in her path. She is more than just a Phoenixborn. To the people of Albyon, she is a living weapon. The Path of Assassins deck, Featuring new Phoenixborn Jericho Kill, is a full, ready-to-play Ashes expansion deck including 2 conjurations. Jericho requires 10 of any dice to play, which are included in the Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn base set or the Laws of Lions and Song of Soaksend Deluxe Expansions. Set Contents: 1 Jericho Kill - Phoenixborn 3 Battle Mage - Ally 3 Elephant Rider - Ally 3 Squire - Ally 3 Spear Master - Ally 3 Hand Tricks - Action Spell 3 Prepare- Ready Spell 3 Magic Purity - Ready Spell 3 Double Edge - Action Spell 3 Summon Turtle Guard - Ready Spell 3 Summon Lucky Rabbit - Ready Spell 4 Turtle Guard - Conjuration 4 Lucky Rabbit - Conjuration

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