Ashes Ashes: The Ghost Guardian Expansion

Ashes: The Ghost Guardian Expansion
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Ashes: The Ghost Guardian Expansion

Death has given Rimea Careworn sight beyond sight. Her eyes now burn forever with visions of the Spirit World, where the souls of the dead test the boundaries of eternity, hungering to be free. Rimea has returned to the world of the living, and she now leads an army of lost souls to reclaim the city of Shadowreck. She will not stop until those responsible pay for their crimes, for only then will her ancestors’ spirits be at peace. Unleash powerful Illusion and Sympathy magic to raise ancient warriors from beyond and cast out the enemies of the Spirit World.

Set Contents:

    • Rimea Careworn x 1
    • Ancestral Army x 3
    • Hollow x 3
    • Battle Seer x 3
    • Dark Presence x 3
    • Summon Ghostly Mount x 3
    • Summon Ancestor Spirit x 3
    • Resonance x 3
    • Augury x 3
    • Hex Bane x 3
    • Shared Sorrow x 3
    • Ancestor Spirit Conjuration x 5
    • Pale Steed Mount Conjuration x 2
    • Nightmare Mount Conjuration x 2
    • Spectral Charger Mount Conjuration x 2

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