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The Allies are desperate; they face catastrophic losses across the coast of Great Britain. With the situation so dire, they have no choice but to split their focus, sending Her Majesty’s fleet to face the Axis Kriegsmarine in the Channel, and leaving the naval base at Scapa Flow defenseless...or so it seems.

Operation “SeeLöwe” offers players eight new exciting scenarios that aren’t restricted by a fixed number of army points. New tiles introduce buildings into the game, offering players new tactical decisions in an urban environment. New rules and new super strong and inhuman heroes further immerse you into this stimulating expedition. Also included in Operation “SeeLöwe” is the untold history of the Axis and one of the cornerstones of their forces: the Blutkreuz Korps. Uncover truths known only to a select Axis few.

Introducing a new level of strategy to your Dust Tactics gaming experiences, Operation “SeeLöwe” assures that the battlefield will never be the same.

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Operation “Achilles"
Operation “Achilles

As the death toll in the doomed city of Zverograd continues to climb, the three warring blocs undertake desperate
measures to reduce casualty rates. Veterans of countless battles hole up in defensive positions, but supply shortages
are quickly becoming a greater threat to survival than even enemy fire.

The last of the Zverograd campaign expansions, Operation “Achilles” introduces rules for bunkers and
other fortifications, as well as 8 new scenarios. Three hero miniatures are also included: Klaus is the Axis’ top
fighter ace, and Sigrid and Bazooka Joe have both earned promotions—new sculpts and unit cards are testaments to
their veteran status.

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Zeige 1 bis 2 (von insgesamt 2 Artikeln) Seiten:  1 
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