Ninja All-Stars Shojo Expansion

Ninja All-Stars Shojo Expansion
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Ninja All-Stars Shojo Expansion
Shojo is a mercenary ronin for Ninja All-Stars. Ronin bring potent new abilities to a player’s team that are entirely unique to them. As mercenaries, ronin may be used by any player, on any team. This makes ronin invaluable assets for every team, regardless of clan, since they may be used to supplement a team’s weaknesses in battle or further augment their strengths. The captain of the magnificent trading vessel, Tako-Tako, is as famous for her wild ways as for her wondrous wares. Shojo loves a party, and she brings one (or more) with her wherever she makes berth. A fearless navigator, she is equally masterful with the sword, which she hastily employs with typhoon fury—so long as the sake lasts, that is.

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