Fireteam Zero: The Africa Cycle

Fireteam Zero: The Africa Cycle
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Fireteam Zero: The Africa Cycle

Fireteam Zero: The Africa Cycle, the second expansion for Fireteam Zero, lets you go head-to-head with Thornspawn, an entire new monster family comprised of eight Scavengers, four Wooden Men, and Prime, who is a 60mm tall boss figure! This expansion lets you add gear to your hero as you progress, with the gear also being usable in the base game and other expansions. Fireteam Zero: The Africa Cycle includes four double-sided map tiles with new terrain as well as new locations and adventures, including an entire new three-mission operation as well as three new standalone missions: Operation: Sticks and Bones Sowing Seeds Fertile Ground Reaping Between the Bones of the Earth Lost and Found Clockwork

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