The Others: 7 Sins – Apocalypse Expansion

The Others: 7 Sins – Apocalypse Expansion
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The Others: 7 Sins – Apocalypse Expansion

The Others can be played by 2 to 5 players. One player must pick the role of the Sins Player, while the rest are Hero Players. The Hero Players all cooperate with each other, with the Sins Player playing against them all. The Apocalypse expansion offers players a whole new play mode, only for the very brave (or very crazy), including the huge and frighteningly detailed figures of War, Pestilence, Famine, Death, and Apocalypse itself. This expansion introduces a brand new Apocalypse Track to the game. On this track, instead of drawing new Apocalypse cards as the track advances, new Avatars of the Apocalypse are brought onto the board, eventually culminating with the appearance of Apocalypse itself.

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The Others: Plastic Token Expansion

The others is a game that is going to immerse players into the world of the coming apocalypse. Its richly detailed theme draws them in and doesn’t let go. To enhance the beautiful, dark art and incredible miniatures, players can now add the plastic token pack. This set has 88 plastic tokens, all with color printing and 3D embossing. Every single cardboard token in the game is replaced with this pack, so it really decks out the game. If players are going to face the apocalypse, they might as well do it in style..

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