Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship OtherWorld Expansion

Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship OtherWorld Expansion
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Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship OtherWorld Expansion

Lost in space for centuries, the star ship Vostros disappeared with all its crew, on its final mission! Hurtling through interstellar space, the ship’s systems are still running; its Dark Stone Warp Drive still active, tearing open gates in the fabric of space and time that lead into the dark corridors and cold steel rooms of the ship. Though Darkness and death close in all around, there are many parts of this Derelict Ship yet untouched; amazing weapons and technology to be had if you can survive this terrifying voyage of the dead! The Derelict Ship Expansion introduces a brand new OtherWorld for the Heroes to explore, full of shambling Necronauts, high tech Artifacts, and the cold terrors of deep space! Including a full set of 18 Map Tiles for this new Derelict Ship world (with all new Mine Rooms on the back), 3 deadly new Enemy Types (6 undead Necronauts, 3 Auto-Turret defenses, and 3 large, robotic B.E.A.C.O.N. Drones), a host of new game cards, and 6 challenging new Missions; the Derelict Ship will push your Heroes to the brink of madness, as the flickering lights and whispering voices in the dark close in all around. If you can survive, you may find futuristic weapons and unimaginable technology amidst the interstellar horrors of...The Derelict Ship!

The Derelict Ship Expansion offers a lot of new material, not only for exploring and fighting your way across the new OtherWorld of this futuristic star ship, but also for all of your adventures within the Mines! With this set, gateways have opened up into the flickering lights and metal halls of the ill-fated Vostros, a Derelict Ship hurtling through the cold dark of interstellar space! Lost on its final voyage into the unknown, the ship is overrun with death and madness. To survive adventures in this new world, your Heroes will need to steel their nerve while outsmarting and outmaneuvering the shambling hordes of undead... all that remains of the ship’s fallen crew!

Contents: 1 Full-Color 16 page Adventure Book 6 Plastic Necronaut Enemies with 30mm Bases 3 Plastic BEACON Drone Enemies with 40mm Bases 3 Plastic Auto-Turret Enemies 1 Entrance Map Tile 8 Unique Room Map Tiles 4 Standard Room Map Tiles 6 Passage Map Tiles 18 End Cap Map Tiles 6 Bulkhead Door End Cap Map Tiles 6 Gate End Cap Map Tiles 3 Double-Sided Enemy Record Sheets 11 Mine Map Cards 3 Mine Artifact Cards 9 Mine Encounter Cards 4 Darkness Cards 15 Card Derelict Ship Encounter Deck 12 Card Derelict Ship Artifact Deck 18 Card Derelict Ship Map Deck 12 Card Derelict Ship Otherworld Threat Deck 1 World Card 3 Reference Cards A large assortment of Die-cut Counters

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