The Champion of the Wild

The Champion of the Wild
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Dauer ca.: 20-90 min
The Champion of the Wild

The Champion of the Wild is a social card game for 3-8 players in which each player takes on the role of a professional animal coach, training elite animal athletes for competition. It's family-friendly and the basic version takes around 20-30 minutes to play.

The Second Edition adds 4 new game variants (with play time 20-90 minutes) along with 15 new events, 8 more animals and upgraded components.

In the Triathlon variant, which new players will play first, coaches choose one animal from a hand of 7 cards to represent them in 3 different physical events, with each event coming from a different category (Speed, Power, Endurance, Technical or Team).

Each event is then discussed in turn, as coaches put forward their chosen strategies for each event to maximise the performance of their animal, when competing against the animals chosen by the other coaches.

Based on a voting system, coaches score points in each event - these are revealed at the end to discover who has become The Champion of the Wild.

The new variants play in a similar way, including another Triathlon, 2 types of Pentathlon & a Decathlon.

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