Storm Hollow Big Box Edition

Storm Hollow Big Box Edition
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Storm Hollow Big Box Edition

Take your family to a world of thrilling stories and fantasy adventures, all in about an hour!  Storm Hollow is a world of all human stories, populated by the heroes and villains of myth and legend. The players are its champions, who ‘pop in’ from our world to protect Storm Hollow from those who would threaten it. As “Poppins” – either as a brave Lightbringer, an intrepid Riftwalker, a sage Sparkcaller, a talkative Talespinner, an adventurous Stormchaser, or a clever Whizbanger – the players harness the magic of Storm Hollow to drive back the Dark and make their own tales along the way!

Storm Hollow is a complete game, whose unique “storyboard” system combines the structure and ease of learning of a board game with the flexibility and limitless replayability of a roleplaying game. Its straightforward, simple rules are easy enough for a child to learn in a few minutes, but robust enough to support nearly any type of fantasy story you want to tell. Copious adventures, aids and tools help you assemble your story on the fly, letting both the Storyteller and the players dive right in. Packed to the gills with beautiful art, premium components, and everything you need to play, Storm Hollow is a great introduction to story gaming, for players both young and old.


Crafty Games has acquired a limited number of the massive Big Box edition, originally released by Game Salute and Escapade Games. This epic box set contains everything released for Storm Hollow thus far (over 19 lbs of it!), and is your perfect entry point to a world of storytelling adventure!


Inside this massive box, you’ll find:


  • 5 hardcover books:
    • the Poppin’s Guide to Storm Hollow (64 pgs)
    • Storyteller’s Guide (48 pgs)
    • Preludes Adventure Book (120 pgs)
    • the Poppin’s Guide to Venture (48 pgs)
    • Pieces of a Broken World (112 pgs)
  • Whispers of Wonder adventure booklet (36 pgs)
  • 22″ x 22″ Storm Hollow map board
  • 22″ x 22″ Venture map board
  • 6 double sided Hero boards
  • Storyteller board
  • 4 tracker boards
  • 354 poker-sized cards
    • 96 Artifact cards
    • 97 Power Orb cards
    • 18 Adventure Kit cards
    • 6 Talent cards
    • 71 Lodran’s Lost Pages cards
    • 60 Venture Rumors and Resources cards
    • 6 Battle for Storm Hollow character cards
  • 220 tarot-sized cards
    • 20 Rift cards
    • 37 Ally cards
    • 37 Enemy cards
    • 30 Scene cards
    • 28 Scene to Go cards
    • 15 Scene cards for Preludes adventures
    • 6 Scene cards for Whispers of Wonder adventures
    • 6 Create-a-Kit cards
    • 1 Opening Scene card
    • 10 Campaign cards
    • 30 blank cards
  • 33 custom dice (22 white, 4 black, 1 grey, 6 colored Talent)
  • 6 die-cut wooden meeples
  • 49 plastic gems
  • Battle for Storm Hollow cooperative game rules
  • Battle for Storm Hollow enemy sticker sheet
  • Create-a-Kit sticker sheet
  • Plastic storage bags
Storm Hollow Big Box Edition

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