Saltlands: The Board Game

Saltlands: The Board Game
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Saltlands: The Board Game

Saltlands is a post-apocalyptic survival board game taking place in an authentic, low-tech dystopian world plagued by drought. With your friends, you are fleeing from invading raiders, leaving your desert home: a plain left behind by a once great ocean, called the Saltlands. Saltlands the Board Game includes: •36 plastic miniatures representing the six types of raiders chasing you, •6 exciting characters from the three great colonies of the Saltlands, •13 terrain tiles all illustrated individually, •180 cards: native weapons, firearm relics, motorized vehicles, landsails, damage cards, rumors, and other items •Unlocked Kickstarter stretch goals (other stretch goals are for the expansion/bundle only) •Raider bag •3 extra item cards •6 double-sided player mats •Box spot UV •Linen embossed terrain tiles •Illustrated weather deck + sandstorm card

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Saltlands: Lost In The Desert Expansion

An expansion pack for Saltlands: The Board Game. Features 6 additional exciting characters for a total of 12 characters, each with a special ability and a special item. Includes advanced mechanics: area-effect weapons, advanced vehicles and additional terrain tiles – enabling the extended Epic gameplay mode.

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