Neuroshima HEX 3.0 Year of the Moloch

Neuroshima HEX 3.0 Year of the Moloch
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Neuroshima HEX 3.0 Year of the Moloch

Neuroshima Hex – The Year of Moloch is an anniversary edition of Neuroshima Hex published by Portal Games to celebrate 2020 - The Year of Moloch. This limited edition printed only in 2020 copies includes double-layered board with new artwork, dedicated reference charts for all armies, new campaign about the beginnings of Moloch, new art and HQ plastic bits for all armies, hardcover art book, big box with an insert designed to fit all 19 armies.

Neuroshima Hex! is a strategy board game set in the post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima. Each player leads one of the four Armies: Borgo, Hegemony, Moloch, or Outpost. Each Army deck consists of 34 tiles including Warriors, Modules, and Actions. You begin the game with your HQ at 20 hit points and wage war against your opponent in a back and forth strategic battle as you place and manipulate your tiles. You win once you’ve destroyed your opponent’s HQ or once a player runs out of tiles and your HQ has less damage than your opponent’s.

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