MicroMacro: Crime City 2 – Full House (englische Ausgabe)

MicroMacro: Crime City 2 – Full House (englische Ausgabe)
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MicroMacro: Crime City 2 – Full House (englische Ausgabe)

With more than 500,000 copies sold in 24 languages, MicroMacro: Crime City has provided thrills and innovative crime hunts for detectives worldwide - all in the comfort of their own homes!

In the new installment, MicroMacro: Crime City 2 - Full House, detectives are once again transported to the infamous black-and-white city that is still teeming with crime. The game continues to pick up speed with its 16 cases, becoming more complex, more sophisticated and, of course, a bit more criminal. The individual cases are now marked with icons so that parents can decide which cases even the youngest investigators in MicroMacro are allowed to investigate and uncover.

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