Mezo - Core Game

Mezo - Core Game
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Mezo - Core Game

It is a time of blood, of ritual, of war. Gods walk among the tribes, each hungering for the devotion that gives them form. Though the gods are many, only one will endure the ages above all others.
Mezo is an innovative game of area control for 2-4 players inspired by Mayan mythology. Players control a powerful god and a tribe of followers. These tribes will clash for dominance, build step pyramids, and make sacrifices all in the name of their god.

The first big box game from Small Box Games designer John Clowdus (Omen, Hemloch, Neolithic), Mezo redefines area control and conflict-driven gameplay. The game features massive god miniatures, each with vastly asymmetrical strategies, as well as numerous ways for players to achieve victory: most strength in the conflict, most shamans in the conflict, and most warriors in the conflict.

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Mezo – Souls for Xibalba Expansion

Mezo – Souls for Xibalba Expansion

Enhance your Mezo gaming experience with Souls for Xibalba.

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Mezo – God Pack Expansion

Mezo – God Pack Expansion

Bolster the ranks of your gods with this expansion that includes the gods Chaac, Etznab, Ix-Tub,Tun, Xaman Ek to enhance your Mezo experience. Each god comes with their own mini and deck of abilities.

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Mezo – 5th Player Expansion Expansion

Mezo – 5th Player Expansion Expansion

Challenge even more players at the table to see who which god will rise to the top. This expansion includes the minis for the Shark tribe and all components needed to allow a 5th player to join the fray. Also includes the god mini Ahau-kin as well as the deck of abilities.

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Mezo – Pyramid Pack

Mezo – Pyramid Pack

The pyramid add-on is perfect for those that wish to elevate the game’s already impressive table presence even further! Comes with 55 pyramid pieces in 5 colors of varying sizes.

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